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About Motorcycle Touring Tips

My wife and I riding Pacific Coast Highway starting from Seattle, Washington. We rode all the way down to Southern California. Awesome Trip!

Hey all, I’m Earl. I’m recently retired after working for 30 years in public service (State and military). I’ve been riding and touring on motorcycles for just about the same amount of time.

Currently, I work from home and take my motorcycle out on the road and travel as much as I can. My wife rides with me and we have a blast touring and seeing new things.

Welcome to my motorcycle blog!

This blog is where I share my stories from the road, reviews on gear, motorcycle riding and travel tips, videos and road tripping adventures.

This website is a place where motorcyclists and like-minded people that are looking for good useful honest information to start TOURING with their MOTORCYCLE and have fun with their road tripping adventures.

Walking across the Patt Tillman-Mike O’Callaghan bridge. The bridge spans the Colorado River in front of Hoover dam.

My goal is to share with everyone good information and things I’ve learned over the years riding a motorcycle.

Some of the things I’ve done are good and others… not so much.

Think you’ve made some bonehead mistakes?

Don’t feel like you’re the Lone Ranger!

riding a goldwing gl1800
Getting some low speed practice riding in and finding that lean limit!

I too have dropped (and nearly dropped) a motorcycle on several occasions because the kickstand wasn’t down when I thought it was, or the pavement was too soft (because of heat) to hold a heavy bike.

Or that time I took a corner too fast and left the roadway in Oregon…

I hope you take some time and dig into the blog, have fun and find useful information you can use for your next trip.

Why a motorcycle website?

I love to ride and travel as much as I can and I like to keep learning about motorcycling, travel hacks and share my experiences.

Riding a motorcycle is not only fun, but a great way to travel on the cheap!

My goal for the website is to hopefully share some experiences and road wisdom (from my dumb mistakes!) that you didn’t know about and help you learn. Remember kids, learn from other peoples mistakes!

Hopefully you’ll be inspired to either get yourself a motorcycle and get out on the road or blow the dust off that bike you bought a while back and get riding.

It’s all about enjoying life, getting outdoors and seeing new things.

If anything else maybe you’ll be entertained by my travel stories and shenanigans.

What motorcycle do you ride?

Currently, I’m riding a 2004 Honda Goldwing 1800, it’s the burgundy Goldwing you see in many of the pictures on the website. I’ve named it ‘Ron’ after Ron Burgundy in the anchorman movie.

Yep, I’m the guy that names his bike. My kids have all advised me that I’m a dork.

2004 goldwing 1800
The glorious day that I purchased ‘Ron’! This Goldwing was super clean and well cared for.

I bought this motorcycle off of Craigslist a few years ago (about 2015) with only 11k miles on it and consider myself extremely lucky to have found it.

I was able to purchase this bike at an awesome price, and it’s the bike I wanted right down to the color.

The tale of Buying this motorcycle is a story all by itself, however nobody seems interested in buying the rights for a movie! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Why product reviews?

Riding a motorcycle requires that you buy a lot of gear and Lord knows I’ve purchased a ton of gear over the years.

Some of the gear I’ve bought has made my life easier when riding and other gear… well, not so much.

I do product reviews to help people make informed decisions about gear and give them the best info possible so they don’t waste their hard earned cash.

How do you do your reviews?

How I do reviews differs quite a bit from a lot of the online product reviews that you’re going to find online.

The biggest reason is that I spend stupid amounts of time researching the product, buying most of them and taking them out on the road with me and actually using them.

Anyone can tell you that like or dislike a product. I like to know if there are other alternatives to the product that may be cheaper, how they stack up head to head or against other similar products.

I look at price, features, design, and application. My goal is to give you a useful, unbiased, real world review.

Motorcycle Touring Tips has detailed product reviews as wells as small reviews to check out features at a glance.

I also “crowd source” products for a quick review and group them together. Crowd source means that I take a look at what other riders are buying currently and take a look at those products. I’ll group these products together with a basic guide on what to look for when buying, and give my take on it based on my experience.

You can check out my recommended gear page here.

Do you sell the items you review?

Occasionally, but just the products that I’ve purchased out of pocket. Sometimes a product is provided by a manufacturer but those products are not sold.

Usually what I do is give those items away to people who are on my email list. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

Want to know more?

Check out the website and ask questions, either by dropping a comment on a blog post or by sending me a message through my contact page.

If you’ve been taking the time to go through the website and do some reading, thank you!

Let’s Ride!


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