Best Motorcycle Boots for Cruisers

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When riders get together and talk, it’s mostly about their motorcycles, of course. “What’s the best motorcycle boots for cruisers” gets overlooked, even though boots are an important piece of gear.

There are plenty of different elements to your motorcycle equipment that have a purpose of keeping you safe throughout your entire ride. But many of the most vital equipment is often overlooked, which can be problematic to your safety as well as others’ safety. Some common safety motorcycle riding gear includes a helmet, safety glasses, gloves, knee pads, a thick and protective jacket and boots.

Boots are especially important because they not only help you remain comfortable as you’re switching through the different gears, but they also help to protect your feet, ankles and legs from the exhaust pipes and other debris that they may come into contact with. But many people aren’t knowledgeable about what kind of boots are suitable for motorcycle use, making the buying process difficult.

Because of that, here is a complete guide that contains reviews of the best motorcycle boots for cruisers on the market. Not only that, but here is also some vital information that you can reference to during your buying processes.

Best Motorcycle Boots For Cruisers

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Buying Guide

Advantages to Using Motorcycle Boots

Provide safety and protection

Many riders think that simply using a pair of standard boots is suitable enough for their riding, but this is not only unsafe but also inconvenient. When you’re riding, your feet are responsible for various different tasks, ranging from switching the gears to supporting the weight of your bike as well as your body.

Because of the large amount of vital tasks that your feet are responsible for, it’s important that you find the right kind of boots specifically designed in order to offer the best features for motorcycle riding. They protect your feet from the exhaust pipes, debris around you while you’re riding and they even help to provide your ankles with the support that they need when you’re stopped at lights or taking a rest.

Improve your driving performance

Since motorcycle boots are comfortable and provide you with protection while you’re riding, you don’t have to worry about your feet experiencing any discomfort or developing any injuries during your ride. Because of that, you can focus on your riding, ultimately making you a better driver overall.

How to Choose

Style and design

Since everyone essentially has different size feet and legs, it’s important that you find boots that fit your specific feet size. If your feet are uncomfortable, this can create a distraction for you while you’re riding. Not only does that limit the amount of time that you’ll want to be riding, but it also makes your driving unsafe, since you’ll be focused on how uncomfortable your feet are rather than your driving and other objects around you.

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Motorcycle boots come in a variety of different styles and designs, varying in their specific size, height, functionality and material. Some boots come all the way up to your calves, while others only cover your feet and ankle. Additionally, some boots present a buckle function and others have zippers or straps. Overall, you should think about what style you want your boots to have, and choose the best boots that give you the most comfort.


You should make sure that whatever boots you choose for your riding purposes, they offer features to accommodate for your safety. For instance, they should typically be slip-resistant and resistant to oil and other potentially harmful substances. Not only that, but you should also find boots that cover your whole entire feet.

Any type of shoe wear that doesn’t cover your whole foot shouldn’t be used since they clearly don’t provide you with the protection and support that your feet need while you’re riding.


In addition to the style and safety qualities of each pair of boots, you should make sure that the boots you choose offer durable and sturdy features that won’t limit the lifespan of the shoes. Every pair of motorcycle shoes should be produced with a waterproof and durable material that can withstand a large amount of wear and tear.

Properties that help to show the durability of each pair of boots are the material, the weight and the functionality of the shoes. For instance, most boots are produced with a leather or cordura material that can withstand wear and tear over time. More durable boots will also weigh more because of the durable materials that are used to produce the shoes, and they will offer multiple functionalities for security (1).

Features to Consider Before Purchasing


If you live in an area that’s known for its cooler weather or you’re simply planning on riding through cooler weather, then you’ll especially want to consider purchasing motorcycle boots that have high quality insulation throughout the entire shoe. Insulation is responsible for not only keeping your feet warm, but it’s also capable of keeping liquids or other debris out of the boots.


Not all boots are capable of offering comfortable features, just like most standard boots as well. Some boots are either too tight or just don’t offer the cushioned bottom that you need for comfortable riding. That being said, you’ll need to find boots that have a cushioned bottom and fit around every part of your foot.

Even if the boots don’t come with a cushioned material on the bottom of the boot, you may have the ability to insert your own cushioned material. But you should also keep in mind the size of the shoe, since the cushioned insert may decrease the overall size of the shoe.


Motorcycle boots are capable of functioning in a wide variety of ways. Some of them have buckles located along the outside of the shoe, and other boots have multiple different zippers throughout the shoes. Regardless of the specific type of functionality that your boots have, the closures are responsible for securing the shoe so that it can fit to your foot in particular.

The specific type of closures that each pair of boots has differs because of its level of adjustability. Usually the boots with buckles and straps offer the most adjustability. But there are also boots that have multiple different types of enclosures, like those that have zippers in addition to buckles or straps.


Lastly, you should consider what type of soles the motorcycle boots have before you choose a certain pair from the market. The soles on boots are especially important to consider if you’re riding motorcycles because they have to be able to grip the foot pegs enough without the risk of them slipping. Not only that, but they should also have enough grip that you can effectively switch between the different gears without making you move your feet in uncomfortable positions.

Usually motorcycle boots will have either a hard or soft sole. Softer soles obviously give you less grip and they wear down more easily, but harder soles are more durable, lasting for longer lifespans and giving you more grip. Ultimately, you’ll want to find a motorcycle boot that offer the right amount of grip for your specific type of riding (2).

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How should motorcycle boots fit?

For the most part, you can size and fit your motorcycle boots just like you would when your buying any other boots or shoes. However, there are a few best practices that you should keep in mind.

  • Pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines and sizing guide for the boot you like, Every boot fits a bit different.
  • Take into account how thick your socks are when wearing the boots, socks will affect how your boots will fit. Don’t go too thin on your socks or too thick. Try and find your ‘goldilocks’ zone for comfort and fit of your boots.

Things to keep in mind when Breaking in new Motorcycle boots

  • Once you get them, walk around in them for a bit. If you have the time, wear them for at least 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Make sure your toes have some room. Make sure your toes aren’t hard press against the front of the boot. 
  • IMPORTANT! No pressure points. If you have pressure points, you’re going to be miserable on your ride.
  • Better that the motorcycle boots are a little loose than too tight.
  • The boots should still feel comfortable even though their new and stiff. 

Motorcycle Boots Reviews

1. TCX Fuel WP Boots

The TCX Fuel WP Motorcycle Boots are highly suggested for you if you’re looking for boots that accommodate for comfort above anything else. The boots present a leather construction that sports a buckle function on the outside of the shoe. The buckle can act as an adjustable feature to help you fit the shoe to your exact foot size.

Not only that, but these TCX boots account for your comfort the most because of the CFS Comfort System built-in. This includes the toe and heel counter that can keep all of your toes as well as your entire foot in place while you’re walking and riding with the boots. Additionally, these boots feature an atomic soles that offer the best comfort, and they can even be replaced to ensure cleanliness and sanitation.

Moreover, there is even a padded rear area in the shoe that can keep the heel of your foot comfortable while you’re using the boots for riding purposes specifically. Aside from the beneficial comfort features that these shoes offer, they even come with other properties that to offer you more convenience. For instance, they come with a waterproof lining, malleolus inserts and they even have a leather shift pad to help you customize your boot.

Lastly, they offer a lateral zipper, adjustable buckles and even a Velcro fastener that can help you to adjust the boots to your shoes even more.


  • Contains CFS Comfort Fit System
  • Presents a padded rear area
  • Anatomic and replicable insole for customizability


  • Don’t contain the best insulation

2. Harley Davidson Men’s Boxbury Boot

Your don’t have to ride a harley to appreciate these motorcycle boots!

The Harley Davidson Men’s Boxbury Boots are classified as the best motorcycle boots for cruisers because they offer the best beneficial features, and they also have the most convenience for you. More specifically, these boots are produced with a mixture of both leather and cordura materials, so they’re capable of having both durable and waterproof properties.

In addition to that, these boots feature a rubber sole that also adds to the waterproof qualities of the shoes. In order to accommodate for your comfort, these shoes come with a removable dual-density sock lining that can keep your socks in place throughout the day. And they even have memory foam on the bottom part of the shoe that helps to distribute your weight throughout your whole foot, reducing any strain that you may feel when wearing other boots for long periods of time.

If the memory foam isn’t as comfortable for you as anticipated and you want more support, then you even have the ability to remove the memory foam insert from the bottom of the shoe and either replace it with another type of bottom or leave it as is.

Furthermore, these boots function with zippers located on both the inside and the outside that are capable of locking in place. Given that, you don’t have to worry about the zippers falling down throughout the day.

Lastly, these Harley Davidson boots work great for motorcycle cruisers because they accommodate for your safety as well as others’ safety around you. More specifically, these boots contain a rubber outsole that’s both lightweight and slip-resistant. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about slipping with these shoes on. I think that’s a really important factor to consider because you don’t want shoes that will slip on the foot pegs.


  • Locking zippers on the inside and outside
  • Composed of a full grain leather and cordura material
  • Contains a Goodyear welt construction that’s specifically designed for motorcycle riding


  • Can be a tight fit around your ankle and lower calf

3. Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Street Motorcycle Boots

For those of you that are more focused on finding boots that have a more durable construction, these Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof Men’s Street Motorcycle Boots are the most recommended for you. Not only are these boots produced with a durable synthetic textile material on the outside, but they’re structured so that they have waterproof properties.

More specifically, these Alpinestars boots have a waterproof membrane in between the upper portion of the boot and the lower lining. They even feature a dual closure system that contains Velcro straps in order to prevent the straps from coming lose and detaching. These boots even come with pull-tabs that are tipped with a rubber material capable of improving the amount of grip that the shoes have.

Moreover, you can benefit from the mid soles on these shoes because they’re contoured in order to follow the specific shape of your foot in particular. Not only does this make the boots more durable and secure to your foot, but it makes them more comfortable for you while you’re wearing them.


  • Composed of a synthetic textile material for optimal durability
  • Feature a dual closure system
  • Have a contoured and high midsole


  • Don’t have laces, so they don’t have the greatest appearance

4. Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Boots

For when you’re on a budget and looking for shoes that have a great appearance, these Bruno Marc Motorcycle Boots are highly recommended for you. They have a durable leather material all around them, and they come with a rubber sole that has waterproof and slip-resistant qualities.

As for the overall appearance of these boots, they feature a combat and classic vintage design that can make practically anyone look slick and classic while wearing them. They even have a heel that creates a platform in the shoes, making them even more durable to wear while riding.

You even have the ability to choose between a variety of different sizes and colors of these motorcycle boots, which is a factor that not all of the other products on the market offer.


  • Available in a range of colors and sizes
  • Come with a heel and a platform for durability
  • Present a vintage and classic appearance


  • Aren’t as insulated as the others

5. Milwaukee Motorcycle Classic Harness Boots

Similarly to some of the other motorcycle boots on this list, the Milwaukee Motorcycle Classic Harness Boots take your comfort into the fullest account. More specifically, these shoes are produced with a full grain leather material on its outer surface that can lengthen the lifespan of the shoes.

They also have a Freedom Flex design, which I find beneficial for people that have either larger feet or if you normally have a difficult time trying to find shoes that fit your feet accurately. Not only that, but they even come with a full cushioned sole located on the inside of the shoes.

This cushioned sole helps to ensure that your feet will remain comfortable even after you’re been riding for a few hours. If the sole provides too much cushioning for your feet, then you even have the option of removing it and either using a different insole or using the boot as is.

Lastly, these shoes have a back zipper that can help you to more easily secure the shoe to fit your feet in particular. Regarding safety, these shoes feature an outsole that is not only oil-resistant, but it also has non-skid and non-marking qualities.


  • Freedom Flex Construction
  • Non-skid, non-marking and oil-resistant outsole
  • Easy to put on and off with the back zipper construction


  • Not available in a wide range of sizes

6. Budget Choice: Bates Men’s Tactical Sport Side Zip Tactical Boot

If you’re looking for a pair of motorcycle boots that are more affordable than others, then this pair is recommended as the best budget choice for you. They’re composed of a leather material, and they present a rubber sole that gives the shoes waterproof properties. Not only that, but these boots also contain come nylon material within their construction, giving the shoes extra durability for longer rides.

They feature a wide sole as well as a moisture-wicking mesh lining that help to offer you the most comfort while you’re wearing them. Because of that, I am completely comfortable with using these boots for long dayriding trips. They even have a removable insert that can help you to adjust the boot in order to fit your specific comfort levels.

Furthermore, these Bates Tactical Boots are slip resistant and have ultimate traction on the bottom rubber soles. They even have an oil resistant outsole, so you never have to worry about slipping on any surfaces while wearing these boots. Overall, these boots offer great beneficial features along with the affordable price, so you can benefit greatly from them.


  • Made from leather, nylon and rubber for ultimate durability
  • Lightweight and cushioned for extra comfort
  • Waterproof, since they have rubber soles and moisture-wicking lining


  • Not suitable for cooler weather, they’re designed to breathe


Overall, each of the motorcycle boots included on this list offer you a wide variety of different benefits. For instance, all of these boots are able to provide you the protection and comfort that you will essentially need when you’re looking for motorcycle boots.

They each have different features that are specific to each pair of boots, which can make choosing the best ones difficult. Given that, the Harley Davidson Men’s Boxbury Work Boots are classified as the best motorcycle boots for cruisers.

Not only are they available at an affordable price and in a wide range of different sizes, but these Harley Davidson boots offer features that accommodate for your comfort as well as your safety. More specifically, they have a removable memory foam and sock lining material on the inside. Not only that, but they have a wide sole that can fit a variety of foot styles.

As for safety, these boots are designed to protect your whole foot, ankle and lower calf, since they have a dual lining material that goes up to your lower calf. Additionally, they contain a rubber sole that’s lightweight and slip-resistant.

We recommend tow boots off of this list:

Because of all these positive and beneficial features, you’re most recommended to purchase the Harley Davidson Men’s Boxbury Work Boots (amazon) from the market.

If you ride in warmer climates on a regular basis and want a good motorcycle boot for your money, check out the Bates Tactical boots. (amazon)

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