Motorcycle Helmets

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My picks for the best cruiser motorcycle helmets:

The HJC IS-33ii Motorcycle Helmet – HJC helmets have been around for years and I would consider them a trusted brand in motorcycle helmets. The IS-33ii is a three quarter style helmet that is that is reasonably priced and provides protection and comfort.

You can read my full HJC IS-33ii review here.


Voss 700 FRP EZ Rider Half Helmet – I don’t wear half helmets often, and It took me a long time to find a half helmet that offered protection and didn’t make me look like a thumbtack.


Why I Chose The HJC IS-33ii Motorcycle helmet

I had been using a variety of full face modular helmets for a while, because I wanted the protection.

The problem I had, is that I couldn’t find a helmet that was comfortable. In fact, I went through about 3 or 4 of these style helmets.

What I found is that those helmets were apply pressure to my cheekbone area, which in turn caused severe headaches. If you’re dealing with a severe headache, not only do not enjoy the ride, but it can take your head out of the game.

What I liked:

  • Three quarter style helmet. I desperately needed a change.
  • My headset and microphone fit inside the helmet better than my modular helmet. I was able to adjust the microphone better.
  • They offered a color that matched my bike pretty close
  • The face shield is easy to change
  • Visibility improvement over a full face/modular.


When it comes to motorcycle helmets, riders have a lot of different options to choose from. So many in fact, that it’s tough to make a decision about what to buy.

Here are the three things that I balance when buying a helmet:

  • Comfort
  • Cost
  • Protection

Out of those three things I tend to place more weight on comfort and cost.

See the section “Why I value Comfort Over Protection” below


Why I value Comfort over Protection

Out of those three bullet points I mentioned earlier, I tend to place more weight on comfort and cost.

Why not protection first?

When it gets right down to it, if you buy a helmet that’s DOT certified from any of the major manufacturers they will protect your head about the same. They are all built to the same standard with roughly the same materials.

You just need to decide how much coverage of your head you want – Full face helmet, three quarter (open face) or a half helmet.

If you have a high speed crash with a $600 shoei helmet or a $75 cycle gear helmet you’ll still be just as dead.

The difference between those two helmets will be comfort.


When your traveling long distances and spending time on the road, you need comfort or you’re going to be miserable. If your miserable, you don’t want to ride – it’s that simple.


This is where balancing motorcycle helmet comfort vs cost comes in.

I’ve purchased a lot of cheap helmets over the years and have discovered (the hard way) that although you save money and buy a helmet under $100 you sacrifice comfort.

Remember this;

Cheap helmets really aren’t that cheap if you keep having to buy helmets because you’re not happy or uncomfortable on your rides.


Motorcycle Helmet Price Range

To find a good quality three quarter or full face helmet, you need to plan on spending in the $125.00 – $200 range, with the sweet spot around $130 – $150.

It’s like anything else, the more you’re willing to spend the more features the helmet will have.

For example, if you want a full face helmet that’s bluetooth capable, plan on spending $200 and over.


As far as half helmets go, they really run the gamut on price range. For a good comfortable half helmet, plan on spending around $75 to $100. Again, it will depend on features you want.

If you want to be able to attach any kind of headset system, of course the price goes up.


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