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My Process before buying motorcycle gear and accessories

Whenever I’m thinking about making a purchase, I try to find someone who owns the gear and ask them what they like and don’t about what they’re using.

If you don’t mind talking to people, other riders are a great resource for learning about gear, tips and hacks to improve your ride. I enjoy meeting and speaking with other motorcyclists and find out how their bikes are set up and what they use.

I also spend a lot of time researching  gear online (probably just like you) in addition to gathering opinions about motorcycle gear.

Here’s what I do:

  • Start online and research
  • Talk to riders I either know, or meet
  • Make adjustments and purchase

Think of this page like talking to a rider who has researched and/or tried the gear!

My goal with this page is to recommend gear that is reasonably priced and is road tested. This is gear that I own or researched extensively.