Best Motorcycle Seat Pad For Long Rides; Sit Longer Ride Farther

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Your stock motorcycle seat sucks. The cheaper alternative is a seat pad, but what’s the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides? In this post we give you some options to provide relief.

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, then you’re aware of how uncomfortable the seat can be, especially when you’ve been on the seat for a while. Most motorcycle manufacturers tend to focus on the build and mechanical-specific features of the bike rather than the comfort-ability of the rider (or passengers when your riding two up).

Because of that, most of the OEM seats on motorcycles are uncomfortable.

Can you just buy a new seat? Sure, but be ready unload some big  money.

That’s why you should consider purchasing a comfortable seat pad to place on your motorcycle if you’re planning on going for a long ride. It can be difficult to choose the best one for you, so here is a buying guide to help you decide.

Best Motorcycle Seat Pads for Long Rides

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Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad4.5 / 5Learn MoreOpens in a new tab.
Air Seat Innovations Seat Cushion4 / 5Learn MoreOpens in a new tab.

Wild Ass AirGel Air cushion seat pad5 / 5Learn MoreOpens in a new tab.
SpeedMetal Gel Comfort Motorcycle Seat Pad5 / 5Learn MoreOpens in a new tab.
VaygWay Motorcycle Beaded Seat Cushion4.5 / 5Learn MoreOpens in a new tab.

Motorcycle Seat Pad Buying Guide

If you’re just getting started, here’s a few things you’ll need to know about motorcycle seat pads. There are different types and they’re not all created equal.

Different Types of Motorcycle Seat Pads

Gel cushion

Gel is commonly used for motorcycle seat pads because they have they have the ability to conform directly to your body in particular. Because of that, they can distribute your body weight in order to reduce the amount of strain that a specific spot of your body experiences while you’re sitting on the bike.

Not only does the distribution of weight help to reduce the amount of strain that your body experiences, but it can also help to eliminate the risk of your body feeling any numbness while you’re driving. Gel seat pads are so comfortable that they’re even recommended for individuals in wheelchairs who are confined to them for most of the day.

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Sheep Skin

Sheepskin is also a highly recommended material for motorcycles and most seat pads in general because they’re known for their ability to adequately regulate your body’s temperature. When you’re riding, especially for long periods of time, your body may increase in temperature because of the position that you’re sitting in on the bike.

Because of that, having a seat pad constructed with a temperature-resulting construction can be extremely beneficial for your long ride. It offers optimal breathability for both winter and summer months, and it offers maximum air circulation throughout your whole ride. Some tend to be more expensive than others, but you may find affordable ones if you look on the right sites.

Air cushion

Perhaps the most popular type of seat pad for motorcycles are the air cushion ones. These pads are able to offer comfort for your body while you’re riding, since they can simply be inflated with air. Some require an air compressor, while other seats can even be inflated with your mouth.

Air cushioned seat pads are recommended because you can customize the amount of cushion that you have with the pad, since you can alter the amount of air that’s in the product. If you want a more stiff and supportive seat pad, then you can simply add more air to the seat. But if you want a softer place to sit, then you can let some of the air out.

Regardless of the amount of air that you have in the seating pad, air cushion pads offer shock-absorbent properties, and they can also prevent your body from experiencing any numbness.


Similar to air cushion seat pads, motorcycle pads are able to offer shock-absorbent properties. More specifically, foam seat pads are able to absorb all of the impact that your bike experiences when it goes over bumps in the road. This can prevent your body from experiencing any of the bumps itself, thus providing you with a more comfortable ride.

If you’re planning on purchasing a foam seat pad, you’ll want one that’s produced with a high-density foam. Extremely dense foam material is able to offer the most effective shock-absorbent qualities. Foam pads are also able to prevent you from experiencing any numbness due to too much strain on a particular part of your body.

Beaded cushion

Beaded cushion seat pads act as massaging pads, since they present a construction containing small beads enclosed within the pad itself. The beaded material is most beneficial for long rides because there is spacing in between the beads, which help to allow for air to flow through throughout the seat.

Beaded constructions are also a great seat pad for motorcycles because they offer a universal fit. Given that, they have the ability to offer a comfortable fit for a variety of different individuals, regardless of their weight or height. Most beaded seat pads can form fit onto your bike, so they can offer a universal fit to your bike as well (1Opens in a new tab.).

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Benefits of Using Motorcycle Seat Pads


By nature, motorcycles are more dangerous to operate than other types of vehicles, since they don’t offer the same protection for your body that cars and other vehicles do. That being said, you’ll need to focus on the road for the entirety of your trip in order to maintain safety and prevent an accident from occurring.

That being said, it can be dangerous to go on a long ride and not have a comfortable seat, since you can become irritable and focus more on how uncomfortable you are rather than focusing on the road. So having a comfortable seat pad for your motorcycle can make you safer on long rides.


Given that there are so many different nike styles, designs and different personal preferences from motorcyclists on the market, you have the ability to purchase a seat pad that works best for your specific circumstances. You can choose the right type, construction, shape, style, size, design and even the right color.

More riding, less stopping

When you’re traveling far distances on a bike, you may have to stop quite frequently in order to stand up and stretch your legs. But if you have a comfortable seat pad, then you won’t have to stop as often, and you’ll even end up arriving to your destination quicker.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Moisture resistance

You’ll want to make sure that you find a motorcycle seat pad that’s able to resist the amount of moisture that it comes into contact with. More specifically to your circumstances, most people ride in warmer months, meaning that the temperature outside is warmer and causes you to sweat more.

Because of that, you’ll want a seat pad that can wick away this moisture and offer good air circulation as well as sufficient ventilation for warmer months. Aside from sweat, you’ll want a seat pad that can resist moisture from the rain, especially if you don’t have a garage. But you should technically be placing your bike under at least some type of storage location to protect it from damage.

Shape and Size

Seat pads come in a variety of different styles, designs and sizes in order to accommodate for the different types of bikes on the market. Because of that, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right size and shape seat pad to fit onto your bike in particular.

The size should be able to fit properly onto your bike, and it should offer adequate support for your body as well. Not only that, but you should also keep in mind the height of the seat pad overall, since some seats are thicker than others. Thicker seats may affect the distance that your body is from the ground, thus changing the way that your body fits on the bike.


Other than the seat’s construction itself, you should consider how easy it is to install the seat pad to the motorcycle. There are a variety of different ways that a seat pad can attach to a bike, so it’s important that you choose a pad that can be installed easily while still offering the protection and stability that you need (2Opens in a new tab.).

​1. Airhawk R Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Pad

This Airhawk R Cruiser seat pad is highly recommended for you to check out because it’s produced with a durable polyester material that has the ability to offer air circulation while you’re riding it. This pad in general is classified as an air cushion that contains a durable polyurethane construction.

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Not only that, but there are three layers of knit polyester that offer a breathable mesh for riding on warmer days. The air cushion itself is produced cells, so that the cell height can react differently to your body in different areas. More specifically, this cushion is capable of lowering in the front more in order to offer better leg passage.

This Airhawk air cushion offers pressure point support, which I find the most beneficial because it helps to relieve any pressure points while I’m driving. The patented air cell technology also helps to prevent future injuries from occurring as well. 

You can read our full Airhawk R cruiser seat pad review here.


Offers pressure point support for your tailbone, scrotum and prostate

Durable, since it’s produced with a polyurethane material as well as 3 layers of polyester material for air circulation

Features an air cell construction that distributes the pressure of your body


May lose air at high altitudes

2. ​Air Seat Innovations Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion

You’re advised to check out this Air Seat innovations seat pad because it’s classified as a pressure relief pad that can accommodate for your comfort while on long motorcycle rides. More specifically, this seat pad is produced with a durable neoprene rubber material that beats the other seat pads in their cheaper plastic material lining.

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In addition to that, this seat pad is construction with a machine washable cover that you have the ability to remove from the air pocket base and wash to ensure cleanliness. The seat pad itself is constructed with a patented technology that features air pockets that are staggered throughout the whole pad. This air pocket technology is able to offer maximized comfort as well as an improvement in your body’s blood flow.

The seat cushion can also be adjusted in order to fit your body in particular, since it comes with an air valve that can keep the air within the pad balanced in order to give you the best cushion for your specific needs. You can easily install this seat pad as well, since it features two straps that need to simply be strapped around your motorcycle’s seat.

Lastly, this seat pad has the ability to fit on a wide range of motorcycles, including practically all touring models, large cruisers and even adventure touring bikes with a full seat. If the seat doesn’t fit on your specific bike, then you have the ability to adjust it in order to offer a custom fit. This company also offers a cover for front cushion on sports bikes as well as a rear cushion.


Features staggered air pocket technology for pressure relief

​Fits a variety of different motorcycles, including all touring bikes

​​Inner bladder portion is composed of durable neoprene rubber


Affects your height more than some other types of seat pads

3. Wild Ass Classic Air Seat Cushion

The Wild Ass Smart Design Classic Air Seat Cushion is highly recommended for you because it’s classified as a pressure relief air cushion seat pad. It’s capable of eliminating any painful pressure points that you may experience while you’re riding for long periods of time. Not only that, but the seat pad features a construction that’s able to promote the amount of blood circulation that your body has.

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This seat pad can improve blood circulation because it utilizes interconnected air cells that have the ability to conform the cushion to fit well with your body in particular. Additionally, this seat’s construction can reduce the amount of shock and vibration that your body experiences.

I like this technology because most of the back roads that I travel on are bumpy, making my ride uncomfortable. But this seat pad can absorb all of that vibration from the road, making my ride more comfortable overall. Because of its ability to reduce the amount of vibration that you feel, this product eliminates the amount of back pain that your body experiences while riding.

Additionally, you have the ability to choose between three different size option for your motorcycle, such as Smart seat, Sport seat and Pillion seat. More specifically, the Sport seat pad comes with a six front that’s able to match the narrow seat profile of various bikes, including adventure touring, sport touring and other non-touring models.


Available in three size options that offer the most customization

​Provides for easy leg passage​

Promotes blood circulation with the interconnected air cells


More expensive than most other motorcycle seat pads on the market

4. Speedmetal Gel Seat Pad

This universal fit Speedmetal motorcycle seat pad is highly suggested for you because it comes with a gel core composition that is popularly known for its ability to reduce the amount of vibration that your body feels. The gel core of this seat pad also comes with a medical grade polymer top pad that adds even more durability to the overall seat pad construction.

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Additionally, the Speedmetal seat pad features a micro-spacer fabric that helps to reduce the amount of heat that builds up, since there is an adequate amount of space throughout the seat for your convenience. Because of the improved air circulation on this seat, I like using it on warmer days that I plan a long ride.

You can easily install this seat pad on a variety of different motorcycles, since it can quickly be slid over the motorcycle seat and can easily be taken off for when you’re not using it.



Contains a gel core construction to reduce vibration

Features micro-spacer fabrics



Doesn’t accommodate for different weight distribution

5. ​​​Conformax Topper Excel Ultra-Flex Gel Seat Cushion

Made in the USA, this Conformax Topper Cushion is recommended for you to consider because it can not only accommodate for comfort on your butt, but it can also provide comfort while riding for your lower back as well.

This cushion features body-conforming gel-on-foam technology that is able to absorb all of the movement and vibration from driving on the road.

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The UltraFoam Technology included within this product can help to ensure that the seat conform directly to your body, providing all of the support that you need for safety and protection. Not only that, but this foam technology can reduce and equalize the sitting pressure of your riding position.

This seat pad comes with an anti-slip bottom that helps to keep the seat in place while you’re using it for long periods of time. And this seat pad comes with a seat cover that helps to provide excellent air-flow ventilation for your body. By having air-flow ventilation, you don’t have to worry about the seat trapping any heat while you’re riding and making you sweaty and uncomfortable.

In order to install this seat, you only have to easily attach it to your motorcycle seat by using the adjustable strapping system that the pad comes with. You have the option of choosing between either a Velcro hook and loop fastening system or even a universal d-ring installation. Both of these systems are capable of keeping the pad securely attached to your motorcycle for safety and comfort.


​​​Comes with two different attachment systems

​Anti-slip bottom that grips to the motorcycle seat beneath it

​​Gel-on-foam technology that conforms to your body


Not suitable for many sport-style bikes

Budget Choice: VaygWay Motorcycle Seat Cover Beaded Seat Cushionn

This VaygWay seat cover is recommended for you if you’re on a budget because they’re able to accommodate for comfort while on longer bike trips without costing you a large amount of money. This seat cover cushion features beads that are able to offer you a relaxing and comfortable ride for long periods of time.

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Moreover, this seat cover features a beaded construction that is able to offer a maximum amount of air flow, since there isn’t any cover around the beads overall. The beads even have the ability to offer a massaging and comforting effect, since they can massage into your body when you place your weight on them.

The beaded construction is also extremely durable and stable, since the black wooden beaded material can grip to the motorcycle seat while you’re riding it. You can easily install this seat cover to your seat as well, since you simply clip the back hooks underneath of your motorcycle seat.

Additionally, you have the ability to choose between three different size option for your motorcycle, such as Smart seat, Sport seat and Pillion seat. More specifically, the Sport seat pad comes with a six front that’s able to match the narrow seat profile of various bikes, including adventure touring, sport touring and other non-touring models.



​​Stable, since the beaded construction grips to the motorcycle seat​​

Beaded technology offers massaging effects


Doesn’t come with a protective covering


Overall, each of these motorcycle seat pads are able to offer you a wide variety of different beneficial features for when you’re planning on riding for a long period of time. They all have the ability to be easily installed, and they all offer air ventilation that can help to reduce the amount of heat accumulation within the seat.

But it can be difficult to choose the best seat pad if you’re not aware of the best overall beneficial features. Consequently, the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides is product #1: the Airhawk R Cruiser Motorcycle Seat. This seat presents an air cushion that can distribute your weight in order to reduce strain and provide pressure point support.

Furthermore, this seat offers an ergonomic design that features a cutout center to provide tailbone relief. Lastly, this seat is constructed using a durable polyurethane material as well as three layers of polyester knit fabric for optimal circulation. Given these features as well as the air

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